tuni spectra rollator
tuni spectra rollator
tuni spectra rollator

Product Specifications

User Weight

21st 6lbs (136.0kg)

  • Height: 32-37 inches (81.5-94.5 cm)
  • Length: 27 inches (68 cm)
  • Width: 25 inches (64 cm)
  • Folded Width: 10 inches (25.5 cm)

Seat – The Tuni Spectra rollator comes with a seat

  • Seat Width: 18 inches (45 cm)
  • Seat Depth: 9 inches ( 22 cm)

Brakes – The Tuni Spectra rollator has rear disc brakes

Basket – The Tuni Spectra comes with a shopping bag

Carry Bag – The Tuni Spectra comes with a carry bag for transport

Tuni Spectra Rollator

Using modern design technology and materials the Tuni Spectra rollator is one of the best looking, lightweight rollators on the UK market today.

The Tuni Spectra combines innovative features with a quality modern design to create a reliable, stable and comfortable walking aid that’s ideal for everyday use.

This lightweight rollator is easy to store and transport. By simply pulling the tab on the supportive seat you can collapse the rollator inwards, then unlock the tabs on the side to fold the legs into the rest of the frame. Remove the wheels and you’re ready to store or transport. The Spectra will easily fold to fit into your car boot or a discreet storage area, the handy transport bag is included.

The lightweight frame is constructed from strong a aluminium alloy making the Spectra is robust enough for frequent use but still extremely light. It’s weight makes it effortless to lift, and you won’t get tired as you walk with it.

The Spectra’s has height-adjustable handles making it simple to find the correct walking position, with brakes located on the handles to bring you safely to a stop and parking brake for when you want to stop and take a rest on the seat.

Swivel front wheels keep you in control even in tight spaces, reflectors on the handgrips and front and back wheels keep you safe and seen, and the stylish removable carry bag is great for keeping your essential bits and pieces on hand while you’re out and about.

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