Tuni Nova Indoor Rollator
Tuni Nova Indoor Rollator
Tuni Nova Indoor Rollator

Product Specifications

User Weight

15st 10lbs (100kg)

  • Height: 33-37 inches (83.5-94.5 cm)
  • Length: 26 inches (66 cm)
  • Width: 33 inches (83.5 cm)

Basket – The Tuni Nova indoor rollator comes with a front basket

Brakes – The Tuni Nova indoor rollator has rear brakes

Tuni Nova Indoor Rollator

Modern design and materials make the Tuni Nova indoor rollator an affordable lightweight rollator to use indoors.

The Tuni Nova mixes modern design, stability and convenience to produce an indoor walking aid, ideal for the home, hospital or care environment.

The Nova indoor rollator is lightweight and simple to fold away to store. The Nova can fold and collapse to the size of a medium size suitcase. With it’s’ compact design you can be assured this will easily fit into the boot of your car for day trips out. The durable and light aluminium frame makes the Tuni Nova effortless to lift or carry saving your energy on your walk.

The Nova has a height adjustable handlebar making it effortless finding a comfortable walking position. Complete with a bar brake and parking brake stop and park the Nova rollator easily. The bar brake helps you effortlessly stop even if you only have the use of one hand. The handlebar is covered in a soft foam cover to offer comfort to your hands and wrists when using the Nova.

The Nova’s combines a rollator and trolley to enable your independence around the house. The swivel front wheels enable more control in tight spaces. You can walk around with small items using the clip-on tray without the need to worry about spilling anything. There’s a zipped bag too, ideal for keeping your essential medication or phone nearby at all times.

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